Paradise Circus (words)


you know, you can still change your mind
you don’t have to do this
you can go home
cut your losses
turn back
but you never would
so you lie
it’s like a drug
you’re doing this for art
yes, for art
he sees something in you
you don’t want to dissapoint him
you want to slow down the pace
you choose music so the moment lingers
there’s only one way this can go
this ain’t philosophy
this ain’t brain surgery
this ain’t… so hard
together you will
you will find the frame
together you will find the flame.
feel beautiful
you don’t have to hide anymore
your job is to forget
feel what’s in between
get out of your thoughts
live for it
you swallow the light
unafraid of the outcome
it’s kicking in…
you’ve stopped thinking about him
gravity wins
you’re giving him everything
you have no presence of mind
you’re like a flower… his camera is like the wind
lust is like your Siamese twin
you’re into it
you’re beyond calling it anything
the truth is, you love being watched
when you move, it’s a ballet
who could avert their eyes?
there is no rush
you can have any superpower
you can have anything you want
everything real eventually becomes a form of therapy
why can’t you be normal?
no, you will be whatever you choose to be
leave love to the romantics
your favorite part is the stuff the world will never see
…the stuff the world will never see.