Take My Picture

‘Take My Picture’, BXXX (featuring Bronques & The Beautiful Miss Sophie)

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Take my picture.
Take my picture.
Take my picture.
Aw, c’mon.
I don’t wanna take your picture.
I don’t wanna take your picture.
I’m hanging out with my friends.
C’mon. C’mon.
Alright. Alright.
Put your chin up.
Arch your back.
Stand still.
Be sexy.
Don’t blink.
Move forward.

Nada Surf Is Emo

67. Before we get interrupted by groupies, Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) and I talk about their evolution from one-hit wonder to cult band status HERE

Smell Yo Dick (Dirty)

This song was my ringtone for a month. I saw VHS play and that’s how they ended the show… It gives me that feeling that you get when you watch the ending of ‘The Breakfast Club’ and the kid is reading the essay and everyone is going home…
‘Bring On The Comets’, VHS or BETA

It should have been Yo Majesty, but it wasn’t…
‘Smell Yo Dick (Dirty)’, Riskay feat. Aviance & Real