Tel Aviv

Dinner With Bronques: Tel Aviv

I never uncovered the cake. Just the sight of that coconut made me gag, but the rest was suprisingly good especially that hummus. Virgin America, are you listening?

Airplane Food

chicken and rice, garden salad, hummus and a roll


Shelley: The New Prototype

Shelley is Jewish Moroccan. I met her in front of a natural juice stand on Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv. This is the street where all the pretty people hang out during the day. She was walking her dog, Stempy.



“White People Are Fucked Because They Don’t Eat Good” (Ryskinder lyric)

Listening to Israeli underground indie electronic rap and not understanding the lyrics. Ryskinder reminds me of Beck and it’s not like I knew what he wasn’t talking about either. Ahal brought me to an underground club called Levonin 7 to see some local bands. This is not the kind of show you’d find in Time Out magazine. I saw Ryskinder again on the street a few days later. Random. He told me that he had just moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv this morning. Like leaving Brooklyn for The City. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about it.
RYSKINDER: My stage name is Ryskinder.

BRONQUES: What does that mean?

RYSKINDER: It’s a secret, I’m sorry.

BRONQUES: What are you singing about?

RYSKINDER: About many things. Sometimes the lyrics are a little bit absurd. I’m like a copywriter for commercials. But it’s a commercial without any product. It’s just slogans. Existential slogans.

BRONQUES: Would you ever sing in English? Does that interest you?

RYSKINDER: Yeah, actually I had some shows in Berlin and I sang in English. I like singing in English. It’s very beautiful in English.

I bought the album after the show. It’s called ‘Living With My Parents‘.