My girl Alana (1) has been obsessed with Reni Laine who she always sees at parties. Mike Nouveau finally introduced me to her.
“I’m definitely going to be a household name, if not in a year, then like… six months. Why not? I’m really determined and focused on what I want. Even though I’m at a party right now and having fun, I know my goal, and I know what I have to do to get there… and I’m going to do it! Being blonde is fun, but you do have to work past all the stigmas. You have to prove yourself by honing your craft and knowing what the hell you’re doing. Everyday I’m reading new poetry and studying new musicians. Right now I’m studying Elliot Smith, the New Moon record that came out a while ago. It’s a lot of posthumous works that were never published before. I also like PJ Harvey (2). She’s like a total grunge rock and roll chick who’s very spirited and knows what she’s doing and it’s hot. My music is rock and roll, but I first learned piano so that brings a dreaminess to the rock, but when I get on stage it’s pretty gritty. Sometimes it’s tough because it’s New York and you have to work 10 jobs to get there, but I love working a hard day then dancing it off at night and having fun.”

Reni’s Myspace
1. Alana is Dimitry’s girlfriend. Dimitry thows a party called High Voltage. My feminist friends tell me I should never reference a girl by her boyfriend.
2. PJ Harvey’s 4 track demos record is the rawest shit I’ve ever heard. There’s so much hiss. I guess that helps make it more art-y.