I know, I know... They'll be in THE OUTTAKES TOUR

IMG_6196 IMG_6200 IMG_6202 IMG_6210 IMG_6216 IMG_6234 IMG_6244 IMG_6265 IMG_6280 IMG_6321 IMG_6324 IMG_6341 IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6351 IMG_6360 IMG_6362 IMG_6371 IMG_6376 IMG_6379 IMG_6381 IMG_6383 IMG_6391 IMG_6406 IMG_6413 IMG_6419 IMG_6424 IMG_6427 IMG_6429 IMG_6435 IMG_6438 IMG_6441 IMG_6445 IMG_6447 IMG_6448 IMG_6450 IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6461 IMG_6471 IMG_6475 IMG_6477 IMG_6480 IMG_6489 IMG_6495 IMG_6497 IMG_6504 IMG_6508 IMG_6515 IMG_6518 IMG_6524 IMG_6532 IMG_6537 IMG_6551 IMG_6571 IMG_6574 IMG_6578 IMG_6580 IMG_6585 IMG_6592 IMG_6603 IMG_6617 IMG_6622 IMG_6623 IMG_6631 IMG_6638 IMG_6639 IMG_6644 IMG_6651 IMG_6654 IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6660 IMG_6666 IMG_6669 IMG_6671 IMG_6677 IMG_6685 IMG_6689 IMG_6690 IMG_6696 IMG_6699 IMG_6703 IMG_6704 IMG_6707 IMG_6720 IMG_6728 IMG_6744 IMG_6767 IMG_6773 IMG_6779 IMG_6781 IMG_6785 IMG_6789 IMG_6799 IMG_6805 IMG_6806 IMG_6807 IMG_6809 IMG_6811 IMG_6812 IMG_6813 IMG_6814 IMG_6815 IMG_6819 IMG_6824 IMG_6828 IMG_6837 IMG_6842 IMG_6845 IMG_6852 IMG_6860 IMG_6861 IMG_6863 IMG_6875 IMG_6883 IMG_6901